Friday, August 5, 2016

Selfie City

People taking pictures of people taking pictures...  

Our lives have turned into a great big rectal examination, but the funny thing is this:  It's the assholes who are wielding the cameras.

At Parliament Square today, I watched two young women, early twenties.  They spent half an hour taking pictures of their dog.

We were surrounded by Gandhi, Churchill, Lloyd George, a 160 year old clock, a great sense of ticking history, and all they could do was snap pictures of fucking Fido.

And it was the same picture, over and over again:  Dog panting.  Dog drooling.  Dog panting.  More drool.

A procession of Japanese cameramen stomped across the square.  The Bataan Death March, with Nikons and Canons.  Tripods snapped out.  Wait for the bell to strike two pm.  Click-click, clickety-click. Stomp off somewhere else.  The changing of the guard.  Tora! Tora! Tora!

When you get old(er) there's two things you don't do.  You don't let people take pictures of you, and you never, ever look in a magnifying shaving mirror.